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From Requirements to Working System

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7 stages of an ongoing process: Requirements Engineering

The primary measure of success of any software is the degree to which it meets the purpose for which it was intended. Requirements engineering is the process of discovering that purpose by identifying customer needs for the system and the

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Andrew Foo

Greetings fellow humans! This technology loving soul is devoted to coming up with solutions to all the challenges that your business may present. I come from a hospitality background with more than 10 years of experience, during my time in

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Scrumban: A different way to be Agile

If you’ve been working in software development any time recently, you’re probably more than familiar with the Scrum—a methodology that comes with both pros and cons.  Now,  there is a  different way to approach project planning and management that some projects

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Noora Mirzakhani

  Hi there, being a member of Magnificent 11 team, I am feeling super awesome! It is my pleasure! We have a competent combination of professionals, ready to help our customers with any kind of problem! Telling more about myself,

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SCRUM | 3 essential roles

There is three essential roles for scrum to work successfully As discussed in my previous post “Introduction to SCRUM” the scrum team has a different composition than a traditional waterfall project, which include three specific roles: product owner, scrum master,

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Kuzhanthai Velu Vasudevan

A dynamic and highly committed  IT professional  with over 10 years of experience in IT Operations and Development of Applications in Datawarehousing . I have extensive experience consulting with various business and IT areas within different Clients. I have considerable

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Paul Rigney

I have over 20 years experience as an Analyst Programmer working for Telstra IBM and myself. I have vast experience on UNIX systems and the following programming languages c, c#, php, awk ,sed , shell, PL/SQL. My expertise in business

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Purvil Acharya

Allow me to Explain why I am the zest you need when life gives you lemons. I strongly believe that I can help you with whatever solutions you may require, as my work ethic is extremely strong. I am determined and

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Joseph Stefano

Good day, this is your pilot speaking. Your journey with us will be smooth with me designing your solutions and managing your risks. Our team of highly talented and diverse individuals will take care of your strategic and tactical needs to remain agile and competitive in the modern

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