Adam Wasiel

Adam Wasiel

I have a strong foundations and experience in information systems and marketing and have studied areas including business process management, project management, business intelligence, enterprise systems management as well as managing information and systems at a postgraduate level. I am particularly interested in heightening effective data driven decision making, obtaining a deeper view of customers through data integration as well as process optimisation and standardisation. I am passionate about the current and future benefits of information systems within marketing and the realm of customer relationship management.

As a member of the Magnificent 11, my background, skills and experience will help in our quest to fix your problems and you maximise your business opportunities through the power of information systems.

One of my idols is Steve Jobs. I can’t help but admire him for his vision, persistence, enthusiasm, energy and drive. In that sense he was truly a genius. He was hugely creative and driven not to work within the status quo and ‘the way things are’, but to change the way people think and function. He has such a clear vision of what he wanted and I think that that solid direction was a major factor behind his success. Jobs didn’t wait to hear what the public told him they want – he gave them revolutionary things.

In my free time I enjoy wine appreciation, classical music and violin performance and cooking.

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