Purvil Acharya

Purvil Acharya

Allow me to Explain why I am the zest you need when life gives you lemons.

I strongly believe that I can help you with whatever solutions you may require, as my work ethic is extremely strong. I am determined and enthusiastic towards whatever task I have to complete. I approach everything with positive and an open mind. outstanding IT skills. My organization skills are excellent due to my previous experiences as they often required me to sort out several data inquires and also work under strict deadlines. This allows me to plan out my tasks so I can execute it effectively and efficiently. My hardworking and perfectionist behavior ensures that every task is done to the best quality. Being the youngest member of out marvelous team I try to adapt with all specialties , as I have yet to develop my own.


  • Technical Proficiency

Type of PC(s) – Windows based

Operating Systems – Windows 10 / Android

Most recently read non-fiction book – Big Data

A skill I’d like to acquire within next 6 months – Data Analysis / Technical Analysis.

  • Highlights of Expertise

 Troubleshooting/Resolution

 Resource Management

 Quick learner

  • Certifications

 Cert III in I.T Digital media ( Australian college of business)

 Advanced Diploma – I.T Business Analysis  ( TAFE Ultimo)

  • What I like to do outside of I.T / Who I am

 Sports – Tennis , Cricket

 Acting / Filming

 Tech Savvy

Purvil Acharya ,


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