Noora Mirzakhani

Noora Mirzakhani



Hi there, being a member of Magnificent 11 team, I am feeling super awesome! It is my pleasure!

We have a competent combination of professionals, ready to help our customers with any kind of problem!

Telling more about myself, I am Noora Mirzakhani , professional Business Analyst in Industry and Engineering oriented projects, My study background is MBA and Electronics Engineering and I have been working in different business and industries for more that 8 years. also, using my managerial skills in business area, I’m an entrepreneur, running my own business, and like helping people running and managing their small and big businesses. My analytical mind and management abilities help me to manage different challenges and work effectively in both self managed and team based situations.I have keen interest in learning new concepts and knowing what is going on beyond my immediate discipline.

I am passionate about communicating with people, nature, travelling, bush walking, yoga, photography and whatever makes me enjoying every single second of life! my favorite quote is this:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

Working as business analyst, I can use my experience, talents and professions to make benefit for people, companies, and whoever needs help in boosting their business success!

So, any kind of issue you have at your business now, all you need to do: come to us, count up to 10, relax, and just see Magnificent 11’s magic! all done!




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