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PMBOK vs PRINCE2 vs AGILE Project Management

What are the pros and cons? There are a range of different methodologies which are often applied to project management, with the three most commonly considered being PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile. If you’re trying to weigh up what are the

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What’s the problem with Project Managers saying “no problem!” to all requests

When one discusses problems that may arise through Project Managers saying ‘no problem!’ to any requests for product changes, one is essentially delving in particular into the realms of scope management. Project managers need to anticipate and plan to accommodate

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Agile Vs. Waterfall: Evaluating The Pros And Cons

Agile and Waterfall are two distinct methods of software development. The Waterfall model can essentially be described as a linear model of software design. Like its name suggests, waterfall employs a sequential design process. Development flows sequentially from start point

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No Problem

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence AI ( Artificial intelligence)  had been an extraordinary field for the past few years. From amazing development to extensive opportunities of implementation AI is slowly providing an easier lifestyle. From robots to help out at home to professional

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Estimating the total cost of Agile projects

Estimating the total cost of Agile projects Questions about how to estimate the total cost of Agile projects are questions about how to do fixed-price, fixed-scope contracts. Fixed-price, fixed-scope contracts are adversarial and often mutually disadvantageous, so I wouldn’t encourage

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SCRUM | There are three artifacts

There are three artifacts in Scrum, The Product Backlog, the Sprint Backlog and the Burndown  Chart The Product Backlog is a list for all the requirements. These are high level user stories that features descriptions, all of which have business

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Kanban Principle

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