What’s the problem with Project Managers saying “no problem!” to all requests

Rubbing-Head...-Too-MuchWhen one discusses problems that may arise through Project Managers saying ‘no problem!’ to any requests for product changes, one is essentially delving in particular into the realms of scope management.

Project managers need to anticipate and plan to accommodate requirements growth. In software development, requirements change and grow over the course of a project. The key words are plan and control. Scope creep occurs when there is an uncontrolled growth of functionality that a project team attempts to just stick into an already at capacity project phase. An inexperienced project manager saying ‘no problem’ to any request would heighten this problem.

When functionality increases in an unplanned and uncontrolled manner, consequent prioritisation of requirements is inadequate and the expanded targets make it difficult to deliver key points of functionality on time and schedule. Projects can also run into further delays, problems with quality and misdirected energy.

The key point is this: functionality can change and expand, but it must be planned; thus it will be linked with restraints of time (iterations), cost (the budget) and prioritisation of tasks (key functions are delivered first).

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