Walaa Elkassas

Walaa Elkassas


I’m Walaa Elkassas; an Egyptian girl graduated from engineering faculty. After my high school my dream was to be a doctor but my grades didn’t match the medicine faculty grades at that time that was the first shock I got in my life but I decided to study engineering while I was not an engineering lover but I was a strong math and logic person so I decided to take the challenge and to succeed.

In starting my days were so hard but I was doing my best and I was telling myself that I must do my best till I graduated with higher grades and I must succeed from that time I grew up believing that it is all about decisions and whenever you take the decision and you believe in yourself plus working hard then you can achieve what you want.

My next challenge was I wanted to study networks and when I enrolled into the diploma then I found the networks section is not in my current town. I asked for my parents permission but they didn’t allow at that time and the other option was to study programming which again was not my best subject at college. I struggled to love that subject but again I found myself in a situation that needs to take a decision and I took the decision to succeed this as well.

After my graduation I started working with an international company as a junior developer where I found myself in the work place with no experience, my manager was not so much helpful but I felt thankful to him at the end when I started to look for information and i gained the confidence that I can find solutions to any problem without asking for help and after a short period of time my manager left the company and I was alone in the whole software section with full software responsibility and that was my 3rd challenge but based on rewards and working with the company for 9 years till I decided to immigrate to Australia was an enough proof that I was doing good.

During my working period, I worked on many different projects. the company was an industrial business where I worked in different area of expertise and I got to know many business domain knowledge. I worked on implementing an in house ERP that serve the whole company from commercial side to operational side moving into implementation of SAP where I was one of the core team members and I played a very important role “I had been awarded for that work”. I consider myself as a successful person on a professional level as whoever I work with is always ready to support me even if we are not working with each others anymore.

Talking about my personal skills, I’m so patient and passionate person for learning new skills. I love to socialize but I like my privacy as well. I love nature, music & hanging out.

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