Jonathon Furber

Over 9 years working in IT  support, infrastructure and management. working  my way from Level 1 help desk to IT Manager. I have a very broad technical skill set and have recently taken the step into management. I have worked in a number of professional industries from Health to Law to Finance and have always worked in medium sized enterprises with self sufficient internal ICT  functions.

I am a 6 foot 1" Caucasian male, some would call me handsome others would laugh. I enjoy long walks in Elwynn forest and the slaying of many a boar or wolf hunting with my pet tiger is my favorite past time. Sometimes I like to dress as a woman and dance on stage but I would probably rate this as my second favorite thing to do. my third favorite thing to do is to tickle the belly of my favorite pet dwarf snuggle butt the sounds she makes is the most joyous sound to be heard. my fourth favorite thing to do is come to TAFE thankyou.

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