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What is the BA’s role in shaping what customer data to store, if at all?

What is the BA’s role in shaping what customer data to store, if at all? Business analysts have a critical role to play in deciding what a customer data, if any, needs to be stored for a system in development

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Ethics in ICT projects and Kaizen

Both small and large-scale ICT projects pose ethical questions for individuals including business analysts, developers, business product owners and strategy makers. Many questions may be raised including: What ethical standards are applicable for projects? Why are ethics important? When should

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What’s the problem with Project Managers saying “no problem!” to all requests

When one discusses problems that may arise through Project Managers saying ‘no problem!’ to any requests for product changes, one is essentially delving in particular into the realms of scope management. Project managers need to anticipate and plan to accommodate

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Adam Wasiel

I have a strong foundations and experience in information systems and marketing and have studied areas including business process management, project management, business intelligence, enterprise systems management as well as managing information and systems at a postgraduate level. I am particularly

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