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Why thinking of information security makes sense?

To fully understand why information security is important, we need to understand both the value of information and the consequences of such information being compromised. The Value of Information To understand the value of information, let’s start by examining some

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Why being ethical is important in Business Analyst’s role?

Ethical people are those who recognize the difference between right and wrong and consistently strive to set an example of good conduct. In a business setting, being ethical means applying principles of honesty and fairness to relationships with coworkers and

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Copyright, law at informational technology business analyst’s role

With the internet changing the way we create, share and access information, the question is, when it comes to copyright, as a consumer, are you breaking the law? As a creative, are you protected? After a review of copyright in

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What is PRINCE2 Project Management?

What is PRINCE2? Projects in Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 for short has become one of the most popular and widely used project management methodologies available today. Employed by both the public and private sectors, it has become the de-facto standard

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PMBOK vs PRINCE2 vs AGILE Project Management

What are the pros and cons? There are a range of different methodologies which are often applied to project management, with the three most commonly considered being PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile. If you’re trying to weigh up what are the

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Alexandra Vlasov

  I am professional Business Analyst with deep understanding of corporate environment and wide experience in financial, legal and manufacturing industries. Extensive experience across a wide range of business and IT projects covering areas such as systems development, business process

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