Author: Andrew Foo

Andrew Foo

Andrew Foo

Greetings fellow humans!

This technology loving soul is devoted to coming up with solutions to all the challenges that your business may present.

I come from a hospitality background with more than 10 years of experience, during my time in hospitality I was presented with challenges on a daily basis that needed a working and proven solution. Being a fast-paced environment, I was required to work under pressure from start till end of each work-day.

I started working in the IT industry in 2015 and thrived on the new challenges that my new role in IT Support had presented. I found passion in solving problems relating to Web Development, RDBMS Database Structure, Software Support, and AD-HOC software solutions to end user problems.

In my short time as a IT Support Officer I have developed the following skills which include Cisco CCENT, PHP, C#, VB, Microsoft AD, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL server, and VMWare.

As a Business Analyst, I am driven to deliver the best possible solution that your business requires. A solution that is scalable, efficient and driving your business with minimal effort.

Andrew Foo.