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Australian Census 2016 Who Is Liable?

It was a dreary day in August, you were trying to finish work early to get home before the Census night deadline or risk paying a fine of $180 or more. You rushed home and sat down in front of

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Strategies on Dealing with Sensitive Data

Unless you are living under a rock or in a cave somewhere off grid, the not so United States of America chose a very eccentric leader earlier this week which made the last few days more or less a circus.

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Considerations When Using Copy Written Materials

So you have a project due which requires some research but time is against you and the due date is fast approaching. You turn to the almighty power of Google’s search engine for comfort where you innocently copied and pasted

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Scrumban: A different way to be Agile

If you’ve been working in software development any time recently, you’re probably more than familiar with the Scrum—a methodology that comes with both pros and cons.  Now,  there is a  different way to approach project planning and management that some projects

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Kat Catan

I am a forward-thinking, passionate and highly motivated professional who offers first-rate leadership, project and program management skills. With a strong mix of business and analytical experience, I have worked in various fast paced high tech firms such as Informatica,

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