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Ensuring data security with cloud encryption

  Cryptography has been with us since the dawn of human civilization.  People have wanted to keep sensitive information… from prying eyes long before the invention of the complex, computer-based encryption methods that we utilize today.  The ancient Greek protected

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Cloud Concepts and the Impact on Business Analysts

Cloud Computing is generating significant interest and momentum. The cloud eco-system requires new considerations for the business analysis community to fully take advantage of cloud computing opportunities. This article provides links to key NIST Reference Architectures to provide a stable

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From Requirements to Working System

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7 stages of an ongoing process: Requirements Engineering

The primary measure of success of any software is the degree to which it meets the purpose for which it was intended. Requirements engineering is the process of discovering that purpose by identifying customer needs for the system and the

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Noora Mirzakhani

  Hi there, being a member of Magnificent 11 team, I am feeling super awesome! It is my pleasure! We have a competent combination of professionals, ready to help our customers with any kind of problem! Telling more about myself,

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