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Walaa Elkassas

Walaa Elkassas


I’m Walaa Elkassas; an Egyptian girl graduated from engineering faculty. After my high school my dream was to be a doctor but my grades didn’t match the medicine faculty grades at that time that was the first shock I got in my life but I decided to study engineering while I was not an engineering lover but I was a strong math and logic person so I decided to take the challenge and to succeed.

In starting my days were so hard but I was doing my best and I was telling myself that I must do my best till I graduated with higher grades and I must succeed from that time I grew up believing that it is all about decisions and whenever you take the decision and you believe in yourself plus working hard then you can achieve what you want.

My next challenge was I wanted to study networks and when I enrolled into the diploma then I found the networks section is not in my current town. I asked for my parents permission but they didn’t allow at that time and the other option was to study programming which again was not my best subject at college. I struggled to love that subject but again I found myself in a situation that needs to take a decision and I took the decision to succeed this as well.

After my graduation I started working with an international company as a junior developer where I found myself in the work place with no experience, my manager was not so much helpful but I felt thankful to him at the end when I started to look for information and i gained the confidence that I can find solutions to any problem without asking for help and after a short period of time my manager left the company and I was alone in the whole software section with full software responsibility and that was my 3rd challenge but based on rewards and working with the company for 9 years till I decided to immigrate to Australia was an enough proof that I was doing good.

During my working period, I worked on many different projects. the company was an industrial business where I worked in different area of expertise and I got to know many business domain knowledge. I worked on implementing an in house ERP that serve the whole company from commercial side to operational side moving into implementation of SAP where I was one of the core team members and I played a very important role “I had been awarded for that work”. I consider myself as a successful person on a professional level as whoever I work with is always ready to support me even if we are not working with each others anymore.

Talking about my personal skills, I’m so patient and passionate person for learning new skills. I love to socialize but I like my privacy as well. I love nature, music & hanging out.

Ignatius Fernandes

Ignatius Fernandes

I’m a talented and qualified professional with a vast experience in Information & Communication Technology providing Highest Quality IT Support to the organization.

I’m passionate and enthusiastic about technology, particularly having deep knowledge of Wintel Systems & setting up an entire IT Infrastructure.

With a strong problem-solving attitude, I’m experienced with leading teams. I’m comfortable both in mobile and desktop Technologies. Since my work is also a passion, I am extremely interested in new and emerging technologies. I constantly seek to update my skills and improve myself both professionally and personally, always aiming to excel.

As a member of the Magnifcent11 team, I bring in my experience and skills enabling which will help maximize business opportunities in the field of Information Technology Business Analysis.

Alastair An

Alastair An


Engineering and programming enthusiast who have a diploma in software and design. Experienced in Angular, typescript, .net core, c# and few other computer languages. Years of programming experience that helped developed analytical skills on systems and IT processes.

I am actively involved with projects and have a good work ethic that has delivered significant results. My true passion is process design and analysis that I bring from all my programming experience.

I have considerable experience in domain model and user stories, requirements engineering, fully dressed use cases that helped analyse and design programs.

I bring the analytical design and it’s technical implementation to the magnificent 11. If you need to design the most efficient process for your solutions or need technical help with algorithm analysis I am your man.

Andrew Foo

Andrew Foo

Greetings fellow humans!

This technology loving soul is devoted to coming up with solutions to all the challenges that your business may present.

I come from a hospitality background with more than 10 years of experience, during my time in hospitality I was presented with challenges on a daily basis that needed a working and proven solution. Being a fast-paced environment, I was required to work under pressure from start till end of each work-day.

I started working in the IT industry in 2015 and thrived on the new challenges that my new role in IT Support had presented. I found passion in solving problems relating to Web Development, RDBMS Database Structure, Software Support, and AD-HOC software solutions to end user problems.

In my short time as a IT Support Officer I have developed the following skills which include Cisco CCENT, PHP, C#, VB, Microsoft AD, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL server, and VMWare.

As a Business Analyst, I am driven to deliver the best possible solution that your business requires. A solution that is scalable, efficient and driving your business with minimal effort.

Andrew Foo.


Noora Mirzakhani

Noora Mirzakhani



Hi there, being a member of Magnificent 11 team, I am feeling super awesome! It is my pleasure!

We have a competent combination of professionals, ready to help our customers with any kind of problem!

Telling more about myself, I am Noora Mirzakhani , professional Business Analyst in Industry and Engineering oriented projects, My study background is MBA and Electronics Engineering and I have been working in different business and industries for more that 8 years. also, using my managerial skills in business area, I’m an entrepreneur, running my own business, and like helping people running and managing their small and big businesses. My analytical mind and management abilities help me to manage different challenges and work effectively in both self managed and team based situations.I have keen interest in learning new concepts and knowing what is going on beyond my immediate discipline.

I am passionate about communicating with people, nature, travelling, bush walking, yoga, photography and whatever makes me enjoying every single second of life! my favorite quote is this:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

Working as business analyst, I can use my experience, talents and professions to make benefit for people, companies, and whoever needs help in boosting their business success!

So, any kind of issue you have at your business now, all you need to do: come to us, count up to 10, relax, and just see Magnificent 11’s magic! all done!




Kuzhanthai Velu Vasudevan

Kuzhanthai Velu Vasudevan


A dynamic and highly committed  IT professional  with over 10 years of experience in IT Operations and Development of Applications in Datawarehousing . I have extensive experience consulting with various business and IT areas within different Clients.

I have considerable documentation experience that includes producing business requirements, technical/functional specifications, end user and operational support documentation, test summary reports. My high attention to detail enables me to produce high quality documents.

Information is all about Data . Data Analysis is my key area of Interest.

I bring my experience and knowledge on Business Analysis to make your life easier. Magnificent 11 is a team of Business Analyst who can help you to grow up your business.

Paul Rigney

Paul Rigney

Paul Rigney

I have over 20 years experience as an Analyst Programmer working for Telstra IBM and myself. I have vast experience on UNIX systems and the following programming languages c, c#, php, awk ,sed , shell, PL/SQL. My expertise in business analysis my ability to communicate with both the business and developers because I worked on both these sides of the business.

Purvil Acharya

Purvil Acharya

Allow me to Explain why I am the zest you need when life gives you lemons.

I strongly believe that I can help you with whatever solutions you may require, as my work ethic is extremely strong. I am determined and enthusiastic towards whatever task I have to complete. I approach everything with positive and an open mind. outstanding IT skills. My organization skills are excellent due to my previous experiences as they often required me to sort out several data inquires and also work under strict deadlines. This allows me to plan out my tasks so I can execute it effectively and efficiently. My hardworking and perfectionist behavior ensures that every task is done to the best quality. Being the youngest member of out marvelous team I try to adapt with all specialties , as I have yet to develop my own.


  • Technical Proficiency

Type of PC(s) – Windows based

Operating Systems – Windows 10 / Android

Most recently read non-fiction book – Big Data

A skill I’d like to acquire within next 6 months – Data Analysis / Technical Analysis.

  • Highlights of Expertise

 Troubleshooting/Resolution

 Resource Management

 Quick learner

  • Certifications

 Cert III in I.T Digital media ( Australian college of business)

 Advanced Diploma – I.T Business Analysis  ( TAFE Ultimo)

  • What I like to do outside of I.T / Who I am

 Sports – Tennis , Cricket

 Acting / Filming

 Tech Savvy

Purvil Acharya ,


Joseph Stefano

Joseph Stefano

Good day, this is your pilot speaking. Your journey with us will be smooth with me designing your solutions and managing your risks.

Our team of highly talented and diverse individuals will take care of your strategic and tactical needs to remain agile and competitive in the modern landscape.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

You’re in good hands.


– Joseph Stefano

B.E., B.Sc., Adv. Diploma of Business Analysis.