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Task estimation for pert charts:

  It is an analysis techniques can be used when the individual task times estimates are fairly uncertain. Instead of putting a point estimate for the duration estimate PERT uses three times estimates. Optimistic Most likely Pessimistic Formula example: (optimistic

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Downside of Agile

In case of some software deliverable, especially the large ones, it is difficult to assess the effort required at the beginning of the software development life cycle. There is lack of emphasis on necessary designing and documentation. The project can easily

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Planing for Contingencies

The goal of contingency plan are to establish a communication systems, create recovery/ respond threshold and define the roles and responsibilities of the employees in case of a disaster. We have all seen that unplanned events could occur  with little

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Agile Estimations – How to?

Planning Poker or Scrum Poker. Estimating a project, in terms of cost and time is always a difficult task for all project managers.  A project manager who have completed a similar project, the estimation would be much easier than a

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Contingency Planning and Management – I should have known better

Contingency Planning in IT projects  Unexpected and unforeseen issues do happen in all projects.  To manage the  negative impacts,  Project Managers plan a contingency arrangement to complete the project on time and within the budget. Why do we need a

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Apple black Friday event 25/11/2016

hello everyone. Apple is having a massive sale on Friday. If you are interested in apple product now is the time. If you are a part of the cult of Apple mark the date 25/11/2016 on your calendar. good luck

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Why should we use dummy data instead of live data?

Dummy data is benign information that does not contain any useful data, but serves to reserve space where real data is nominally present. It can be used as a placeholder for both testing and operational purposes. Dummy data must be rigorously

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Under what circumstances will you hold your TFN

Tax file numbers are unique numbers issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to identify individuals, corporations and others who lodge income tax returns with the ATO. Once you get a tax file number (TFN), you need to keep it

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Welcome !!!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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