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James Hennessey – Profile

James Hennessey – Profile

A little about me.

Most mornings I would get up at 5:30 am to do a 45min F45 HIT class, though since I’ve had surgery on my back this has stopped. I now wake up at the same time and either go for a cycle, watch Family Guy episodes or drink coffee and stare at whatever I have to study for the day.

I enjoy my morning coffee’s, finding it hard to start the day without one on my desk. My Nespresso machine has a good work out in the morning before I leave.

I normally cycle to work while on the rare occasion I will catch the bus. During daylight saving hours, I will occasionally walk or run to work to avoid the bus. This helped me prepare to run my first Blackmores marathon in 2015.

Recently I made a return to Fencing. This was prompted by my daughter taking up fencing again when she started her degree at Sydney University. In 2012 after two years of Fencing foil followed by epee, I won a silver medal in the veteran’s epee competition, being completely outclassed by a 70year old lifetime fencer.

I’m not an avid reader, though will always have my kindle handy, for the rare bus trip. I’ve enjoyed reading the Freakonomics books which provide fascinating insights into human behavior. I’ve also watched the movie and now follow the podcasts.

Both of my children will tell you that I can’t cook, though I am one to ‘try’ different things. However, I will say that I did get rave reviews by the Infosys team at Westpac for my traditional butter chicken.